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Property Maintenance & Housing Inspector Class

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Start Date: Tuesday April 2, 2019

End Date: Tuesday June 11, 2019

Required Books: 2015 International Residential Code, 2015 International Property Maintenance Code and the 2017 Legal Aspects of Code Administration

Time: 6:00 – 9:00

Instructor: Debra Pierce

This 10-week course will discuss the philosophy, attitudes and values surrounding property maintenance, photographs, previously encountered situations, and utilizing drawings as demonstration and teaching points on code requirements in support of community preservation.

Topics discussed during the course include: the minimum requirements for plumbing, mechanical, and basic fire safety systems; procedures for administration of property maintenance programs based on data resulting from both well-defined and poorly managed municipalities; methods of verifying citizen complaints, gathering evidence, issuing violation notices, verifying compliance and steps taken when compliance has not been obtained, and discuss the adjudication process, the importance of preparation prior to the adjudication hearings, items of evidence, and the significance of proper record keeping.

The class will also include an array of practice tests, and multiple timed comprehensive exams. All Students will be encouraged to test for ICC Property Maintenance & Housing Inspector Certification. (64).