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Motors & Transformers: Article 430 / 450

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This 3 night class will cover in depth analysis on all parts of article 430. This article covers motors, motor branch-circuit and feeder conductors and their protection, motor overload protection, motor control circuits, motor controllers and motor control centers. It will also cover article 450 transformers. The installation of all transformers covering definitions, rating, connections, over current protection, indoor and outdoor applications and requirements of other related NEC articles. 

Students will learn through real world examples, instructor knowledge and PowerPoints. This course on motors is suitable for 2017 NEC and 2018 CEC. 

This is a 3 hour class once a week for 3 weeks. CEU's will be provided.

Will receive a free motors slide chart, courtesy of CLEC.  

Date: July 7, 14 and 21, 2022
Time: 6pm - 9pm
Cost: $400.00 
Location: 5105 Tollview Dr Suite 270 Rolling Meadows, IL